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Chem Lecture Videos    

How to use them? 


Chem Lecture videos can either be GCE O Level Chemistry lesson videos or misconception videos.  All lesson videos have accompanying notes which can be downloaded from Lecture Notes.  


The Chem Lecture videos are named in the following manner:


1. Lesson videos - (X of 19 Chapters) <Topic>


E.g., (1st of 19 Chapters) Experimental Techniques and Measurement


This is the 1st of the 19 chapters in the O-Level Chemistry syllabus.  


2. Misconception videos - GCE O Level Chemistry - <Topic> - Misconceptions and Difficult Concepts


E.g., GCE O Level Chemistry - Writing of Chemical Equations - Misconceptions and Difficult Concepts


This is one of the misconception and difficult concept videos and it explains how to write chemical equations.

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