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What are Chem Lectures?


Chem Lectures are no-frills video lectures covering 100% of the GCE O-Level Chemistry lessons content.  Each video brings the viewer through a full topic in the GCE O Level Chemistry syllabus with precise explanations and worked examples. 

How to use Chem Lectures?


Download the GCE O Level Chemistry notes and match them with the correct Chem Lecture on YouTube channel Chem Lectures. Pay 100% attention.


That's it!  Watch and learn anywhere, anytime and anypace - rewind, pause, rewatch.


Registration is required to access the notes - your details will be kept strictly confidential.

I have a request!


If you would like additional Chem Lectures, including misconception lectures to be put online for your learning, let us know, or drop an email to

Lecturer's Notes


Chemistry is everywhere - in the air you breathe, in the food you eat and the water you drink.  Understanding Chemistry allows you to better understand what happens around you everyday.  See these connections, and enjoy the learning of Chemistry!  

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